Client: Design SHIFT
My role: Creative direction, Brand consistency, Responsive marketing emails
Tools: Adobe CC, MailChimp, Google Fonts

Part of the communication toolbox, Design SHIFT issued its first White Paper to promote hardware security solutions. I was in charge to create a clean and neat layout for this project. The very same layout will be reused for the next publications. Some marketing assets have also been produced for its promotion.

Interactive version

White Paper, digital version (Interactive PDF - 20 pages)

White Paper cover White paper interior pages White paper interior pages

Cover and first interior pages (20 pages)

ORWL Twitter cover

Some social media visuals were also created to promote the White Paper

ORWL Twitter cover

(Responsive) Marketing Emailing Campaign
/ from the custom HTML template I previously made with MailChimp for the client /

ORWL Twitter cover

Detail: infographic created for the White Paper

ORWL Twitter cover

Detail: photos were chosen to stick to the context of the content.